We're on a mission.

We'd like you to join us.

Let’s make Newcastle and Gateshead
the best place to
be young

Our city is full of fantastic things to see and do, especially if you’re under 25

We’ve got world-class art galleries, theatres, dance and music venues.
There are magnificent museums, a national centre for children’s books, an amazing science centre, and one of the coolest independent cinemas in the country.

People love these places. They visit them 4 million times a year.

But you can be much more than just another a visitor.

There are over 600,000 chances every year for children and young people to have fun, meet new friends, make something brilliant, learn something new, and express yourself.


Because you told us

In 2018 we asked children and young people across the city about the things they liked to do, and why they did them.

You said creative activity helped you grow confidence, find new talents,
and share your voice in powerful ways.


Some of you even ended up
with new careers as artists, musicians, MCs, dancers, filmmakers, actors, writers, curators, historians…
and more.

But you also told us some people don’t get to take part. Doing something new can be scary, life can be complicated, and sometimes it costs too much or takes too long to get there.

City of Dreams is our mission to make sure no one misses out.

We believe Newcastle and Gateshead can be the best place to be young. City of Dreams is how we play our part in making this true for everyone.

If you're young, you can get stuck in to almost anything you like in Newcastle and Gateshead.