It’s your city, it’s your story – tell it!


Under 25? Live in Gateshead or Newcastle?

Want to tell your own story? Want to be heard by those in charge of our city?

Get involved with the Our City Our Story event.

Our City Our Story is a special annual event, happening for the first time on March 7th 2019. It is a powerful way for young people to share their stories and shape the future. It is a chance to show the world what it’s really like growing up on Tyneside, and to have those stories heard by people who make the big decisions about our city.

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1-in-3 children grow up in poverty on Tyneside. An above-average number live in local authority care. There are less teenagers receiving 5 good GCSE than most places in the UK. 30% of under 19s will experience mental ill health, and half do not expect to ever hold down a steady job.

That’s what the statistics tell us. You can find them on the internet. In newspapers. In reports by adult “experts”. Politicians and professionals quote them all the time. They tell a certain kind of story. What they don’t tell you is what actually matters to young people who live here. And they don’t show all the amazing things that young people in our city can do and make. 

We are going to change that. 

Our City Our Story is a big part of those plans. It’s a full day of stories about life in NewcastleGateshead, made by young and shown at a high profile public event which will happen again every year for the next decade.


There are 165,000 under25s in our city. They live in different areas, hang out with different groups. They have fascinating histories, and interesting ambitions. Yes they face challenges, but they also have ideas and passion. They all have a story. Our City Our Story is their chance to share those stories in creative ways.

Anyone can come and hear these stories, but we will sure the people who run local councils, health services, schools, colleges, universities, transport, venues, and businesses are there. So they can hear what it’s really like to be young in our city, and how it could be better in the future.

There are loads of ways to tell a story: photos, films, speeches, plays, Instagram, YouTube, songs, books, poems, presentations, dance, rap, coding. And more! Our City Our Story will bring together young people’s stories in all these different forms. 

It’s going to be an eye-opening and inspirational day. It’s going to make a difference to how people think about growing up in our city. 

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Have you got something to share at the Our City Our Story event?

The City of Dreams Young Champions Board have decided what kind of things can be shown, and a team of young creatives are working with Skimstone Arts, Live Theatre and our Executive Producer to programme the event. If you have something made by children and young people, and that tells a story of growing up on Tyneside, you may be able to take part.

Work will be presented from 11am to 6pm, on March 7th 2019, in Live Theatre’s main theatre, studio, workshop rooms, garden, and the Live Tales building. 

Submit your work for consideration using the form below. There are a couple of things you need to know first:

  • your piece must have been made with people aged under25, living in Newcastle or Gateshead

  • it can be in any form – visual, audio, online, performance, presentation, print – but must be of a quality suitable for sharing at a high profile public event

  • your work can have been made at anytime, but we will prioritise things made in the last 2-5years

  • you must provide clear details of requirements for showing your work, including all and any technical or practical needs

You do not have to be an arts organisation to submit, but you do need to make your submission no later than 12pm on December 23rd 2018.

If you have any further enquiries before submission please email us here.

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