4months on: celebrating Our City Our Story

Digital creative, gender rights activist, YoutTuber and filmmaker Saffron Mee has made a new film for City of Dreams.

Our City Our Story was a completely new kind of event. An event bringing together over 50 creative works, made with the participation of more than 11,000 children and young people on NewcastleGateshead. It told the story of being young in our city, in the words, music, images, performances, digital innovations and statements of those who live it everyday.

It was a full day, in every respect. City of Dreams took over multiple spaces in Live Theatre – one of the North East’s premier cultural venues – for 6 hours. it was unbelievably busy, with energy, music, chatter, applause, quiet moments listening into headsets, exploring maps, VR 360 film, poetry, lip-sync, rap, film, performance, that’s just scratching the surface.

How can we possibly hope to capture it all? We’d need some kind of digital artist, or filmmaker. Someone who appreciates great creativity and has the perception to capture the issues that young people brought to life on the day.

Luckily we know someone who fits that bill perfectly. Saffron Mee! And this is the film they have made for us to celebrate the Our City Our Story experience.


To find our more have a look at the graphic recording of the Our City Our Story event produced by Inky Thinking. 

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