What will City of Dreams do?

We’re going to work hard to help everyone under 25 enjoy the fantastic things we have
to see and do in our city, and to get the most out of being creative.

We’re going to do this for 10 years, starting in September 2018.

We’ve got a strategy and a plan for making this work. We wrote it in 2018, with nearly 1000 children and young people and over 200 staff from more than 40 organisations in Newcastle and Gateshead.

All these voices came together to give City of Dreams three things to focus on:


We’re going to make it possible for everyone aged 25 and
under to take part in creative and cultural activity.


We’re going to work with children
and young people, so they have a strong voice in what cultural organisations do, and a powerful say in what happens in our city.


We’re going to support children and young people to grow their confidence, skills and talents in creative activities.

Who is involved in City of Dreams?

You are. Everyone is.

City of Dreams is being launched, and supported, by NewcastleGateshed Culture Venues – a group of 10 organisations, running 20 world-class cultural venues in the city.

But we aren’t doing it alone. We’re working with over 40 other organisations in our City of Dreams Champions network.

Some work in arts and culture, museums and galleries. Some are charities working with children, young people, families, and in communities. Others include local councils, health services, schools, colleges and universities.

Anyone can get involved and help shape what we do next.

And because City of Dreams is for all children and young people, whatever their background and wherever they live, we are making sure all of you have a voice through our Big Culture Conversation.

Every 12 months, from November to February, we will be talking to children and young people across the city. Tell us what we need to know, and get involved in making Newcastle and Gateshead our City of Dreams.

BBC Newcastle are the official media partners of City of Dreams.
 They’ll be the first to share news about our programmes and activities, and will bring you stories that show the difference we are making to children.
 Stay tuned to BBC Radio Newcastle for City of Dreams updates.