Our City Our Story

“Powerful messages about austerity and the need to empower young people voice’s…cultural and creative arts a force for positive change”

Julie Sanders, Deputy Vice –Chancellor Newcastle University

“So much wisdom, honesty and talent from young people. Rewriting the rules for culture in the this city”

Unfolding Theatre​

“In a busy complicated world, SO proud to be part of City of Dreams. Bravo to all involved”

Abigail Pogson, Chief Executive Sage Gateshead

“Inspiring and heart-breaking in equal measure. We need to listen to our young people”

Valerie Ender, Gateshead Youth Assembly

"Blown away by the stories told and art created by young people. Lets talk”

Cllr Nora Casey, Newcastle City Council

“Inspirational afternoon @LiveTheatre for @cityofdreamsNG #OurCityOurStory. Fantastic work from young people telling us what’s important to them. Fighting spirit!”

Rosie Stancliffe, actor & Equity rep

Our City Our Story is platform for children and young people to tell their own stories.

Statistics tell us one version of childhood in NewcastleGateshead: 1-in-3 live in poverty, an above-average number are in local authority care, 75% experience loneliness.

Our City Our Story takes a different approach. Unleashing young people’s creativity, it is a fresh insight into growing up on Tyneside as they see it.

Our City Our Story events have been taking place since March 2019 showing maps, art, photography, soundscapes, virtual reality, films, music and performances. But what happens after the event ends?

We have created this online collection to make sure young people’s stories continue to be told and heard. We will keep adding to it throughout the 10years of City of Dreams’ mission. On these pages you’ll hear 11,000 voices of under25s, and find windows into stories of discrimination, poverty, gender inequality, being in “the system” and more.

Want to know what it’s really like to grow up in NewcastleGateshead? You’ve come to right place.

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